Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dude, Where'd Lo-tel Go?

Lo-tel was a good band, a very good band. Their first big hit, 'teenager of the year', about how those who are perfect are not really all they seem and are missing something. I love the line, "Luckiest of teens, the shallowist of dreams". It seems to fit. They can write songs about people who work in porn and then make it mean something. I dont know how they do it. But what happened to them? The lead singer married Pia Miranda of 'Looking for Alibrandi' Fame.

I stayed home sick yesterday and watched Looking for Alibrandi, probably the reason y i am talking about Lo-tel now. I probably should stop listening to them before i sick further into melancholy. They are still good. PLus if anyone is thinkning of going to see Little Birdy this november you SHOULD. because they are AWESOME live. I saw them. See you at the concert.

The Prophetics.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Slowly going insane

For those who dont know I broke my leg in a soccer match just over a week ago. Its not really a proper break because they actually cant tell and the swelling is right for a break and its around my growth plate so they are not going to take any chances. Its kind of ironic but on the day of the match before we went onto the pitch i said, "i hope i dont break my leg." I should've knocked on wood.

But i am sitting at my comp almsot everyday and getting bored out of my brains. I haven't done any exercise for 11 days!!! and normally i exercise for at least half an hour each day. I played computer games by myself for the first time in months (battlefield 1942) and i am even starting to read books again. I fear it may even lead to me building models again. AND I am like this for 3-4 weeks!! that means, NO Orienteering state teams championships, No Scary Rides at the show, NO Soccer, NO Pedal Prix, NO Athletics AND parties at friends and just getting around with be ruined!

Anyways CYA

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Failure to Launch

Where are the protests of the 60's?
Are we as members of the Generation Y too apathetic, ignorant or uncaring to be stand up and take notice of the failure of the Howard government to make Australia a better place?

Or are we too busy to get out on the street. In my parents day, University was free so that students had time to care. Those in their 20's and late teens did not have to hold down two jobs to pay for university and there was not as much parental pressure on those in Year 11 and 12 to get high TER's. Those sneaky politicians of the Coalition Party in Canberra have introduced HECS fees and made sure that students have to pay to get through university. The students are so busy holding 6 jobs, worrying about school and family as well as studying to act upon such atrocities as the war in Iraq, or the human rights abuse in Darfur.

Btw when was the last time you heard of Darfur on the news? And there is still an absence of UN Peace keepers there.

Plus with the dismantling of the Student Unions, the Howard government, (sadly voted for by 75% of Australians) has taken power from the people. Unions which were once the pride of the democratic world that allowed people to take control and make their lives and conditions of livng better are losing more and more power each day through the new IR laws. I hope than members of my peer group will take notice of these injustices and vote for a better Australia and change our country for the better. And for those who can vote, who can make a differance stand up and take notice so that you won't make the same mistake of voting for the Liberals or the Nationals for the 5th time in a row.

BTW dont forget the band names

Band Name

If you are bored or have a good band name please leave it in the comments. Coz my band is good, but we need a name, we do mainly punk rock and rock based musi which is awesome fun to play. The Name can also have a political aspect to it. If you want one.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


School is catching up with me. I end up sitting in my classes waiting for us to be dismissed. Its AGONISING!!! Lessons are no fun and I am not really learning much but Recess and Lunch are usually consistently good for the obvious reason of good company. Tech is getting better except now istead of using CAD and designing stuff I actually have to make things using my paractical skills, which after 5 weeks on a computer are completely shot. Sorry this update is more of a report on my life and less of a reflection on it or and interesting thought.

I won my debate last night we beat the best team by 4 pts after finally getting an ajudicator which likes us. And considering we are number ten in a League of 15 it shows how big an affect of having an ajudicator who dislikes you can have.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Easy Street

I love the comic Calvin and Hobbes. Life is good except for off course all the homework I have. School isn't as monotonous and things are getting better. I love climbing out of rutts at school. We are picking up steam and heading straight for year 11 and 12 which may not necessarily be easy street but the last two terms of this year should be better, I have a better science teacher (it doesn't mean i will be doing homework but it does mean that enjoy the lessons). I am doing homework in Maths for a change and actually understand it, possibly because it is geometry (the root of mathematics which is in actual fact easier than mathematics itself) and we are starting to make our subject choices for our senior years. I am doing IB. thinking of doing physics, chem, french, and modern European History along side Math and english. But for now I feel like strutting down Easy Street

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Beginning of the End

Today is the beginning of the end. The small city of Adelaide (it isn't that small but its good) which is mentioned in the song Adelaide by the gifted musician Ben Folds, for being a laid back quiet town, but also in the London News Paper's as being the murder capital of the world (per capita) has a STARBUCKS.

Mulitnational corporations such as Macca's and Ikea have already conquered our quiet city and the next wave of coffee shops are set to shut down our home grown talent. Everyone should buckle down and just wait for this to be over. there is nothing we can do now,

May God Help Us

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I get to go SKIING!! Its gonna be awesome fun. Be back in one week.